Based on Lexique 3.83

Manuel Gimenes, Cyril PerretBoris New

Lexique-infra is a new database providing infra-lexical indicators for 137,717 words in French coming from Lexique 3.83.

The frequencies of the grapheme-phoneme and phoneme-grapheme correspondences as well as other indicators (consistency, regularity, frequencies of letters, bigrams, trigrams, phonemes, biphones and syllables, etc.).

Several new indicators of consistency and regularity are also proposed: number of irregularities in a word, position of the irregularity, average complexity of the graphemes of a word, frequency of the lowest inconsistency in a word. These indices were calculated by type and token and according to the initial, middle and final positions.

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Download Lexique-infra 1.11 (Scripts : Lexique-Infra 1.11)


Gimenes, M., Perret, C., & New, B. (2020). Lexique-Infra: grapheme-phoneme, phoneme-grapheme regularity, consistency, and other sublexical statistics for 137,717 polysyllabic French words. Behavior Research Methods.

Release Notes

12/05/2021 : Release of the Lexique-Infra search engine for words or pseudowords

Lexique-Infra 1.11 : Some corrections and additions in the manual and the “Legende” tab.

Old versions

Lexique-infra 1.10 (Scripts : Lexique-Infra 1.10)

Lexique-infra 1.00