Boris New, Christophe Pallier, Jessica Bourgin & Julien Barra

New ! Our article was just accepted in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology !

UniPseudo is a universal pseudoword Generator. It is called “universal” as it can work with any alphabetical or syllabic language and with phonological forms.

How to use it

-Go to UniPseudo
1) choose the length of the pseudowords you want
2) choose if you want the trigram or bigram algorithm (less than 5 letters)
3) paste a list of words (or phonological words) having the characteristics you want (can be POS, number of syllables, etc.)
4) click on Go!

Tips for using UniPseudo

-Use the bigram algorithm for 3 or 4-letter words (for 5-letter words you should try bigram and trigram) 1)
-if you want sub-lexical statistics for French, you can use Lexique-Infra
-If you want to use UniPseudo for generating phonological forms you should enter phonological forms having the same number of phonemes (for instance 6)

Example of phonological forms to use in UniPseudo for generating phonological pseudo words :


Barra J., Pallier C., & New B. (under press). UniPseudo : A Universal Pseudoword Generator. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.